Target Markets

Cogex - Target Markets Our target markets: - Solvents and Additives - Agri-Food - E-cigarette - Adhesives and sealants - Special Fuels - Greases and lubricants …  


Expertise Our business: - Packaging - Formulation, mixtures - Storage - Filtration - Laboratory - Picking …  

Consulting Support & Developpement

Consulting Support & Developpement - Assistance and advice to packaging design - Purchasing and Supply - Operational Business Management (Sales Administration) - Management of flows and stocks - Monitoring regulatory …  
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Cogex, your partner for custom packaging, filling and delivery

Cogex is an expert in custom packaging, formulation and large-scale logistics in a wide range of sectors: petrochemicals, agro-food industry, chemicals, hazardous products, intermediate chemistry, e-liquids, special fuels, greases and lubricants, paint, dyes and inks, cleaning products, car industry.

We support our clients throughout an integrated approach for the implementation of customized solutions which include a specific study, formulations and mixing, filling of barrels, mini-containers or tanks, flows and stocks management to the delivery on site. We can also manage filtrations from one barrel to another, or from one tank to another.

Cogex is quality certified according to ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 22000. Our teams are accredited to handle « ICPE » products and work on « Seveso » sites.

A sustainable development perspective

Certified management system, ensuring a process of continuous improvement, and the prospects for sustainable development. Certification ISO 14001 ISO 9001 ISO 22000