More than a subcontractor, a task force

  • Assistance and advice to the packaging design

    We are in permanent contact with a wide range of customers, for all kinds of specific applications in such a way that you can get benefit from our feedback in the choice of packaging solutions. Consulting Support & Development Cogex
  • Components purchasing and supplying

    You choose the most economical and best suited to your needs formula, to purchase your components (products, packaging ...). - Provision by you. - Purchase under your care, supplying by ourselves, by calling on open orders. - Negotiation and contracting by you, purchase and supplying by us to your requirements - Purchasing and supplying by us In all cases, you will have to bear the costs of shrinkage within the limits of a contractual percentage. Our goal is to reduce costs, in accordance with the progress commitment of the Chemical Industries Union which we are signatories.
  • Flows and Stocks management

    Upstream: Assuming the supply or purchase of components for your care, we follow movements in coordination with suppliers, and inventory management. Downstream: You can manage the removal of finished products on our sites. We can also ensure delivery to your warehouse or directly to your customers and if necessary coordinate our actions with the Third stakeholders that you have designated.
  • Operational business management (sales management)

    At contact with business or logistics responsible of major industrial groups team, our teams in charge of the administrative operations management have developed expertise that allows them to adapt to all management information systems, such as SAP, or any specific customers application. When business volumes justify it, we are able to interface our own system to the client’s one via the internet or other means of EDI. We are thus able to operate with self management like an integrated logistics service, offering optimum responsiveness to the expectations of your customers.
  • Regulatory monitoring

    Our Quality, Health Safety, Environment Service provides a permanent regulatory supervision, which ensures compliance of your packaging under the laws in force in these areas. Management of Installations Classified for the Protection of the Environment (ICPE) of Seveso-type, for many years, has enabled us to gain real expertise in this area, as evidenced by the systematic renewal of our ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. Our contract review process is computerized; validation of the full feasibility by the QHSE Manager via our software is an indispensable and essential step in our sales process.