25 years of experience in chemistry

  • Industrialists who manufacture or use.
  • Distributors, wholesalers or retailers GSA GSB who market its derivatives.
  • Cogex - Intermediate chemistry

    Intermediate chemistry

    Customers mainly composed of large chemical groups located in the southeast quarter of France, or who’s non-hazardous or hazardous transit through the Port of Marseille, both import and export.
  • Agribusiness Cogex


    A unit dedicated to products for use in industrial sector, ISO 22000 certified for food safety (SDA), in operation since 1994. Capacity 10,000 tons per year.
  • E-liquids Cogex


    An emerging market on which we have positioned ourselves, anticipating regulatory constraints that will soon be implemented, and applying the methods in accordance with standards for food safety. Real made in France.
  • Cogex - Adhesives and sealants

    Adhesives and sealants

    Subcontracting for great brands, but also contract manufacturing of distributor's brand products for industries, professionals and the general public, in sectors as diverse as aerospace, construction or Do It Yourself.
  • Cogex - Special fuels

    Special fuels

    Jet A1, Avgas, Fuel for motor racing, karting, motorcycle, a highly specialized application, having regard to flammability risks and customs constraints.
  • Cogex - Greases and Lubricants

    Greases and Lubricants

    In conventional packaging jars, tubes or flasks, but also as pods for mounting or repair kits, including products with high viscosity.
  • COGEX - Paints, inks and dyes

    Paints, inks and dyes

    Liquid paste or powder for decoration, artistic expression and other applications such as ink cartridges for industrial printers or shade testers for wall coverings.
  • Cogex - Cleaning products

    Cleaning products

    Detergents, cleaners, solvents, and other drugstore products for domestic or industrial use in test market or for specific applications.
  • Cogex - Automobiles


    Antifreeze, windshield washer fluid, air fresheners, performance additives. We have the necessary important skills, essential in this highly competitive market.