LIMPIDEX: a task force for which service means operational excellence

  • Needs analysis

    We will review in detail your needs through our Analysis Process of the different Types of Dysfunction, their Effects and Criticality (AMDEC) in order to establish with you the complete technical specification.

    AMDEC Analysis, schematic diagram: limpidex

  • Consulting in packaging solutions

    Our team is attentive to the expectations of your marketing department and will support you throughout the design of your packaging solution. As experts in packaging and with our experience, we understand your issues and are able to guide you in the search for innovative packaging solutions complying with the various forms of regulation.

    Above view of business team sitting around table and working

  • Purchasing, supplying and stock management

    As we intend to provide GLOBAL SERVICES to our customers, our team will take care of purchasing and supplying as well as of the stock management.

    Industrials warehouse for distribution and storage
  • Packaging

    From the standard to the most innovative packaging, entrust us the conditioning of your products! We are able to perform all types of packaging from a minimum quantity of 1ml: metal, plastic or laminated tubes, mono or bi-component cartridges, flasks, tanks, pots, bags, pouches, daypacks®…  


  • Blister / Thermoforming

    Our ongoing commitment to provide integrated solutions to our customers leads us to acquire a thermoforming and heat soldering production unit in 2016 so that we can design blisters of different types: blister packs or portfolio blisters, and custom shells that will promote your products. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need any further information on this subject!


  • Delivery

    Logistics is also at the heart of our expertise. We will ensure the delivery of your products on your logistic platforms or store your products in our warehouses and deliver them directly to your customers (picking).

    LIMPIDEX has the capacity to handle more than 5 million units a year.


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